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Coopers due diligence consulting help small companies and individuals to make fully informed investment decisions. If you or your company is looking to buy or invest in a business, we offer a bespoke service that will research the potential future investment and guide you in any decision making based on the results if required. The reports are tailor made and can look into as much or little detail as you require. We offer, fit and proper person checks, bankruptcy searches, background checks. Alternatively if you just need somebody to look over the proposal from an independent stand point we are happy to do this as well. Please contact us with any additional questions or for a quote based on your needs.

Bespoke option 2

With over 20 years working as a qualified independent financial adviser, I have been approached to sell hundreds of alternative investment products and I can genuinely say only a handful ever made the grade. It became obvious that a lot of alternative investment products rely heavily on the adviser or third-party introducer sector to promote their products.

From personal experience and research, it has become apparent that a lot of alternative investment providers are not prepared at the initial meeting with the introducer to give a fully informed presentation. Basic questions were regularly ignored and delays or failure to produce answers to more detailed questions raised, had a detrimental effect on any future relationships and ultimately written business. We can not stress enough just how much business is lost at this point!

CDDC realises that not all alternative investments are poor investments. For this reason, we offer a consulting service that will assist you to understand the questions that an introducer is likely to ask. This will benefit you by being able to answer in advance and therefore improve your presentations to future introducers. This will cut down lead times before the introducer rolls out your investment product and build stronger relationships. In turn this will assist the adviser to be more prepared in face to face sales meetings with the clients leading to more revenue and fully informed investors.

A smooth full cycle sales transition is key to building your business in today’s competitive market.

Our aim is to assist high quality alternative investment providers to provide a fully informed FAQ document that will assist in the full sales cycle and build relationships.

Never Have I written a letter in praise of any sort of financial institution or consulting firm before, but I feel compelled to do so for Mr David Cooper, who has assisted me with carrying out due diligence on my portfolio since September last year. His Knowledge of financial markets and ability to explain things in terms that I understand are quite exceptional.
Mr D.C.B, Tokyo 2010
I have been dealing with Mr Cooper for some time now, I have always found him to be extremely professional and sincere my dealings with him. As a professional David is very thorough and has good attention to detail.

It is because of this I have recommended him to colleagues with regards to their potential investments and he has come through for them also.
I will continue to recommend David now and in the future.

Mr C.V.W, Tokyo 2009
I was referred to Mr David Cooper by a friend and colleague in September 2008 at a formal gathering. Shortly after I asked him to review some potential investments. His knowledge of financial instruments and ability to portray the information in an understandable way is excellent.

He listens to my investment concerns and input then addresses them on a one to one basis before I make any investment decisions.

I would have absolutely no doubt in recommending David to anybody that wishes to work with and experienced and friendly consultant.

Mr E.A, Tokyo 2011
I have been consistently impressed by both David’s attitude towards his work and his care towards my own investment needs. His interpersonal, communication and listening skills have allowed me to make investment decisions that I may not have previously made. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise suitable solutions. I was fully able to understand his explanations on the products and he answered all of my questions effortlessly so that I could arrive at a quick decision on whether or not to invest.

David has given an excellent and professional service. It was very comfortable to work with him and I would highly recommend his services to my friends and associates.

Mr Y.J.B, Ciba 2010
David’s Knowledge, efficiency and reliability paired with his good sense of humour and great interpersonal skills make him an absolute pleasure to do business with. He is trustworthy and always has his client’s best interest in mind. Without a doubt I would recommend David to anyone looking for professional advice and a very reliable service.
Miss E.M, Hong Kong 2014
David is a fantastic communicator who delivers Just the right details to get the message across without overwhelming them with technical details.

He has an unwavering commitment to provide excellent customer service, his friendly manner and “can do” attitude is evident in everything that he does and has won him deserved respect from appreciative customers.

Mr J.J, Hong Kong 2014
Mr Cooper has been reviewing our investment products since he was first referred to us by a friend in Hong Kong in 2012. We feel very comfortable in his services and his level of professionalism is excellent. He does not push pages of technical information our way but all ways manages to raise the right questions that allow us to feel confident when we make investment decisions.

We would have no hesitation recommending his services to anybody that needs help before making investment decisions.

Mrs. D.E, Hampshire 2016
I actually came across David as a financial consultant and he became my adviser when I lived in Tokyo in 2010. He has advised me ever since. However, I undertook his consulting services last year when I had been offered a job with an alternative investment company. I asked him to carry out due diligence on them to see If I would consider working for them. I turned down the job based on his findings.
Mr. A.M, Singapore 2017
I wish I could have met you 2 years ago. You would have saved me 100,000 USD
Mr L.B, Hong Kong 2018

For a full consulting programme please contact us directly so that we can provide a quote and potential timeline.

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